Handling Luxury With Precision.

UltraSteer tag axles are fully integrated and precision tuned to react to turns and maneuvers of the coach—establishing a new standard for premium RV ride and handling. From safety and comfort to reduced tire wear and lower maintenance, this is the RV driving experience you want. And it’s only from Freightliner Custom Chassis.

Key Features

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Better Driving Experience

UltraSteer responsive tag axle render

More than an ordinary tag axle, UltraSteer follows the ideal turning path of the front suspension, improving ride and handling and providing full control and precise maneuvering in all conditions.

Wide-Track Suspension Arms

UltraSteer tag axle with wide suspension arms

By providing increased lateral stiffness over the competitor’s narrow track suspension arms, UltraSteer delivers improved handling and safety in sudden maneuvers.

Outboard Mounted Shocks

UltraSteer tag axle with shocks

UltraSteer’s outboard-mounted design is more reactive to roll input, greatly enhancing ride and handling over competitors’ inboard-mounted shocks.

Tire Savings

Motorhome rear axle and UltraSteer tag axle with tag tires turned slightly

In contrast to rear-mounted tie rods that can still cause tire scrub, UltraSteer’s forward-mounted tie rods and correct steering geometry enable the inside wheel to have a 12° turning angle and follow the ideal turning path— eliminating tire scrub.


UltraSteer provides up to 17% reduction in curb-to-curb turning radius as compared to an ordinary fixed tag axle—140% improvement over the competition. And, it has a 20% tighter turning angle than the nearest competitor.

17% reduction curb-to-curb radius
Full chassis frame rail render with front tires turning left and tag axle tires turning slightly right


Wheels straighten and lock automatically at 20mph and in reverse, utilizing air chamber locking pin and plate.

Optimized Rubber Bushings

These bushings increase suspension life and are maintenance-free.

UltraSteer bushing

Easy Alignment

Quik-Align® allows for easy alignment without the use of shims.

UltraSteer Quik-align on tag axle