The S2RV motorhome chassis delivers driver confidence and comfort with features like an ergonomically styled dash and sloped hood to increase visibility and a tilt/telescoping steering column that’s controlled by a foot lever so hands never have to leave the wheel. And no bump steer means you’ll enjoy a premium driving experience.

Instrument Cluster


  • Instrument cluster and driver's message center with odometer/trip, hour/diagnostic/voltage display provide accurate, instant feedback
  • LED backlights on switches and gauges offer solid-state design and longer life

TRW Infinitely Adjustable Steering Column

TRW Steering Column

This infinitely adjustable tilt-and-telescoping steering column provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for drivers of all shapes and sizes.


  • Controlled by foot-lever release, so hands stay on the wheel
  • Infinite adjustment to any position
  • Increased structure with reduced lash
  • Designed for global applications
  • Available with a variety of release options
  • Double-pivot design provides smooth adjustment


A lowered engine position provides a flat floor in the cockpit area, enabling drivers to safely move from cockpit to passenger area without having to step over a “doghouse.”

Design Features


  • Low-effort, forward-tilting hood allows easy engine access
  • Torsion-bar assistance lets driver open the hood with minimum exertion
  • Dampening device keeps hood from slamming shut too quickly


  • Sloped hood helps ensure excellent forward visibility, offering a 30% to 50% better line of sight compared to the competition, reducing blind spots and potential hazards
  • Automotive-style, ergonomically designed dash has a low profile to maximize visibility
  • 20% larger windshield further increases driver line of sight and reduces blind spots and potential hazards