SL Engines

Cummins and Detroit DD13 engines are best-in-class for diesel motorcoach chassis. Integrated with the latest technology and boasting horsepower ratings up to 600 hp, these engines will deliver the performance you expect when you need it most and provide a lifetime of no-hassle maintenance. And all of the latest engines are proven to meet emissions standards required for the 2010 legislation.

Cummins® Engines

Cummins ISX15

Favored for the largest, most luxurious diesel motorhomes, Cummins ISX12, ISX15 and L9 engines function as a completely integrated system.

  • Sleek, quiet functionality with multiple injection events every combustion cycle
  • Powerful acceleration and excellent towing capacity at every rpm with Cummins XPI fuel system
  • Better fuel economy than earlier models through optimization of turbocharger and control system
  • Near-zero emissions with the Cummins Aftertreatment System
  • On-board diagnostics to monitor and ensure clean operation

Cummins Engines

Cummins L9450HP1250 lb-ft Torque
Cummins X12500HP1695 lb-ft Torque
Cummins X15605HP1950 lb-ft Torque

To review specs and information on particular Cummins engines, visit their website.

DetroitTM DD13® Engine

Detroit DD13

With billions of dollars invested, the work of the world’s top engineers, and millions of miles of real-world experience, the DetroitTM DD13® engine has proven reliable when it really counts. The same powerful engine featured in many Freightliner trucks, the DD13 gives your motorhome a balance of acceleration, climbing power and speed. Its flat torque curve delivers responsiveness on demand that will conquer the steepest grades, even with a boat or vehicle in tow.

DD1312.8L500HP1,650 lb.-ft. torque


Smart, fuel-efficient design makes the most of every gallon.

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Pulls strong down to 1100 RPM so drivers can spend more time in top gear
  • Next generation Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS™ ) optimizes each injection event to minimize fuel consumption
  • Advanced cooling system allows decreased fan on-time, minimizing fuel consumption
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology virtually eliminates excessive, fuel-consuming regenerations


Lower your cost of ownership with easier serviceability

  • Long scheduled maintenance intervals keep you out on the road longer
  • The coach model of the DD13 is practically identical to the truck model which means unmatched parts availability at your local Detroit service location
  • Common serviceability with other Detroit engines ensures trained technicians are available when you need them
  • An integrated engine brake helps save your brakes – and your maintenance costs

Virtual Technician

Our factory-installed Virtual Technician™ onboard diagnostic system takes the guesswork out of engine repair. When the check engine light illuminates, data is immediately collected, providing a technical snapshot of the engine’s status before, during and after a fault code event. This information is sent to you and the Detroit Customer Support Center (CSC), where a trained representative can diagnose the issue, recommend service and even contact the nearest authorized locations with parts in stock. The CSC can tell you if you need to pull over so you don’t cause further damage or if you can stay on the road. Put simply, it’s like having a technician in every coach.

Engine and Exhaust Brakes

VGT Brake
Compression Brake

Exhaust Brakes

Exhaust brakes offer increased brake and tire life as well as greater vehicle control by slowing the vehicle under stress conditions quickly and safely. Use in slippery conditions is not recommended. As they are an additional braking system, brake lights are activated when exhaust brakes are applied.

  • Cummins VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo)
    • Provides exhaust braking without additional add-on hardware in the exhaust system
    • Eliminates exhaust brake maintenance
    • Reduces wear on service brakes
    • Available on select Cummins engines

Engine Brakes

Available on select Cummins models, our engine brakes work in conjunction with Allison electronic transmissions, using engine exhaust backpressure to increase stopping power. This reduces the chance of overheating service brakes while improving control on steep grades.

  • Compression Brake
    • Turns the energy-producing engine into an energy-absorbing air compressor
    • Programmable to driver needs and conditions
    • Available on select Cummins engines

Rear-Engine Diesel Design

Rear-Engine Diesel Design

Rear-engine diesels provide a host of benefits, including more floor plan options, quieter interior environments, more comfortable rides, lower fuel costs and effortless hill climbing. You'll also appreciate the enhanced reliability of a diesel engine and the fewer maintenance stops.

Side-Mounted Radiators

Side-mounted radiators are available on our raised-rail designs with Cummins engines. Like our rear-mounted radiators, this design features a variable-speed fan that automatically increases and decreases fan speed as needed to reduce noise and decrease power loss.


Conveniently positioned near the diesel tank for quicker fill-ups, the DEF tank also features stamped brackets rather than formed sheet metal.

150-Gallon Fuel Tank

Your driving range will be increased by a 150-gallon fuel tank, meaning more drive time to get you to your destination faster.