SL Frame Rail Configurations

To engineer vehicles for top performance and meet the unique needs of all of our coachbuilder partners, the SL Chassis is available in raised-rail and modular configurations. All rails are constructed of continuous 9-inch-high 50,000 psi steel with cross-members located at high-stress areas to provide a solid foundation and minimize stress so windows and doors perform properly for the life of the coach.

Raised Rail

SL Raised Rail
  • C-Channel
  • Rear lower rail and front lower rail: 10" x 5/16"
  • Raised rail and liner: 9.5" x 5/16"
  • Lowered rear section allows flat floor throughout the coach
  • Provides flat basement-floor pass-through storage with raised ceiling height for more space
  • Rear and side cooling packages
  • I-beam front axle standard; independent front suspension (IFS) optional

Modular Rail

Modular Rail
  • Like a bridge, modular frames get their rigidity from an engineered truss structure
  • Allows coach manufacturer more versatility with basement configuration to maximize storage capacity

Heavy Duty Rail Design

Heavy Duty Rail

Especially designed to accommodate all the amenities of a luxury motorhome, the SL series’ engine and raised rail are 5/16-inch thickness, with 50 Ksl outer material and 80 Ksl inner liner for additional strength. The front rail is 5/16-inch, with a 10-inch tall rail. You can expect years of use and living supported by a heavy-duty frame that will preserve the integrity of your motorhome and appliances.

SL Wheel Base

All Configurations

  • Wheel Base Range: 252" - 296"
  • Accommodates coach floor plans up to 45 feet with tag