XC Engines

FCCC offers a variety of choices from the top name in diesel-engine design. With horsepower ratings from 300 to 450 hp, these engines will deliver the performance you expect when you need it most and provide a lifetime of no-hassle maintenance. And all of the latest engines are proven to meet emissions standards required for the 2010 legislation.

Cummins® Engines

Cummins ISB 6.7 L

Cummins B6.7 and L9 engines deliver the exceptional fuel economy, low operating costs and legendary reliability you've come to expect in a luxury RV. They also provide:

  • Powerful acceleration and excellent towing capacity at every rpm
  • Sleek, quiet functionality with multiple injection events every combustion cycle
  • Powerful acceleration and excellent towing capacity at every rpm with Cummins XPI fuel system
  • Better fuel economy than earlier models through optimization of turbocharger and control system
  • Near-zero emissions with the Cummins Aftertreatment System
  • On-board diagnostics to monitor and ensure clean operation


Cummins B6.7300HP660 lb-ft Torque
Cummins B6.7340HP700 lb-ft Torque
Cummins B6.7360HP800 lb-ft Torque
Cummins L9380HP1150 lb-ft Torque
Cummins L9400HP1250 lb-ft Torque
Cummins L9450HP1250 lb-ft Torque

To review specs and information on particular Cummins engines, visit their website.

Rear-Engine Diesel Design

Rear-Engine Diesel Design

Rear-engine diesels provide a host of benefits, including more floor plan options, quieter interior environments, more comfortable rides, lower fuel costs and effortless hill climbing. You'll also appreciate the enhanced reliability of a diesel engine and the fewer maintenance stops.

Side-Mounted Radiators

Side-mounted radiators are available on our raised-rail designs with Cummins ISL engines. Like our rear-mounted radiators, this design features a variable-speed fan that automatically increases and decreases fan speed as needed to reduce noise and decrease power loss.


Conveniently positioned near the diesel tank for quicker fill-ups, the DEF tank also features stamped brackets rather than formed sheet metal.

90-, 100- or 150-Gallon Fuel Tank

Large fuel tanks ensure more time on the road.