XC Front Suspension

FCCC chassis offer the tightest turning radius of any motorhome chassis on the market. Enhanced maneuverability means you’ll be able to better negotiate your way through the toughest back roads, RV parks and campgrounds.


Detroit® Wide-Track I-Beam Front Axle

  • 55-degree wheel cut creates a tight turning radius makes it easier to maneuver your RV in and around cramped parking area and campsites
  • Incorporates the FCCC-exclusive bell crank to virtually eliminate bump steer, which occurs when the steering wheel suddenly moves in reaction to the movement of the suspension
  • Air disc brakes standard

Neway AS120 Steer Axle Suspension

  • 2-spring suspension
  • Up to 12,000 lb. capacity
  • Incorporates ping tanks to allow for more air volume in the suspension and a sway bar to minimize body roll and increase stability
  • Self-Leveling Height Control Valve System
  • Frame Brackets with rubber bushed pivot connection
  • Flexible Equalizer Beam controls axle location, drive and brake reaction, and vertical load
  • Air Springs, mounted under the frame rail to reduce torque on the chassis, provide greater energy absorption and soft ride
  • Integral upper frame mounting bracket

ZF™ Independent Front Suspension

With the automotive-like feel and maneuverability of the ZFTM Independent Front Suspension, you’ll have the driving confidence and peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you can access the tightest spaces with minimal turns. Essentially, it feels similar to driving a car.

  • Up to 60-degree wheel cut offers superior maneuverability and turning radius
  • Tightest turning radius in the industry
  • Double-wishbone design offers smooth ride and refined handling
  • Excellent center feel and steering response
  • Front air-disc brakes with ABS help maintain control and significantly decrease stopping distance

Bell Crank

Bell Crank

The bell crank – available only on FCCC – prevents the steering wheel from suddenly moving in reaction to hitting bumps and potholes, eliminating bump-steer during driving.