XC Rear Suspension

Your motorhome’s rear suspension not only defines ride and handling – it determines how much weight your vehicle can carry in luxury amenities. With V-Ride, you’ll experience luxury without limits.


Single-Axle Neway ADL Rear Suspension

Neway ADL

By maintaining a constant driveline angle and isolating driver and passengers from the harshest bumps and road conditions, the Neway ADL Suspension allows you to live in comfort as you travel – almost as easily as when you’re parked at a campsite.

  • Large volumetric air bags allow for more air in the suspension for a smoother ride
  • Large transverse beam minimizes body roll and increases motorhome stability
  • Parallelogram suspension design reduces driveline angle, noise and driveline wear

V-Ride® Rear Suspension System

Luxury Without Limits.

V-Ride Rear Suspension

As the first-ever single axle suspension rated at 24,000 pounds, V-Ride® is designed for luxury motorhome owners who want the ability to carry more gear, the freedom to equip their interiors with premium amenities, and a comfortable, confident driving experience.

  • Increased towing capacity
  • Quik-Align® allows for easy axle alignment without the use of shims
  • V-rod connection dissipates suspension forces, reducing stress for greater durability and longevity
  • U-Shaped Assembly – The transverse beam integrated with the trailing arm form a single-piece U-shaped assembly – enhancing stability at all speeds
  • Consistent Handling – The V-rod connection and U-shaped assembly design result in superior roll stability and more predictable handling in all road conditions, giving motorhome owners a confident driving experience
  • Smooth Ride – Large volumetric air springs and premium Sachs shocks deliver the smoothest ride available in a motorhome