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The Ultimate RV Safety System

Adaptive Cruise Control
Collision Mitigation
Electronic Stability Controls

Our suite of state-of-the-art features culminate to create RoadWatch, the ultimate RV safety system. With features like proven stability controls and collision mitigation integrated seamlessly with an OptiView digital dash, your driving confidence will surge to a whole new level.


ACC adjusts the speed of your vehicle while in cruise control and attempts to maintain a set following interval of 3.6 seconds when there is a vehicle ahead moving at a lower speed. ACC works in conjunction with conventional cruise control to maintain the set cruise speed when the lane ahead is clear and will automatically adjust your RV’s speed when a vehicle is detected ahead.


The RoadWatch collision mitigation system is a radar-based active safety system that detects objects ahead and measures the vehicle’s position and speed in relation to others on the road. It warns drivers to a possible rear-end collision by providing audible, visual, and haptic alerts. When appropriate, the system will apply the brakes to help mitigate a collision. The system monitors the road and provides warnings and active braking even when cruise control is not set.


ESC can assist drivers in reducing the risk of vehicle instability while in a slippery curve or while taking evasive action. It reduces the potential for driftout conditions through select braking. If loss of stability is detected, vehicle speed is reduced through engine control and application of the engine and service brakes.


RSC is an active vehicle safety system that assists drivers in maintaining control by continually monitoring conditions that can lead to a rollover and automatically intervening if a high rollover risk is detected. This system delivers the industry’s highest levels of rollover stability while helping owners realize improved performance and ease of maintenance.


Automatic Traction Control offers improved stability when driving/accelerating on low-friction surfaces, as well as improved traction under difficult conditions. If one wheel begins to spin at a different speed than the other, ATC momentarily applies the brakes until traction is regained. If both drive wheels are on a poor traction surface, engine power is reduced to attain optimum tire-to-road traction.

Bendix® Air Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes

Bendix® Air Disc Brakes

The state-of-the-art Bendix® air disc braking system delivers the ultimate in safety and reliability. You will feel especially secure when descending hills and steep mountain grades. When your foot applies the brakes, they will perform as expected, and you will be in complete command of your RV.

  • Shorter stopping distance compared to drum brakes
  • Reduce fade and squealing, as they dissipate heat more effectively than drum brakes
  • Easier maintenance

Sachs® Shocks

Sach Shock


Found on premium automotive brands around the world including Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce and Maserati, Sachs shocks are exclusive to FCCC motorhome chassis.

Each time we design a new motorhome chassis, Sachs performs a ride and drive on our campus, tuning the shocks to that particular manufacturer and model's specifications. Used with all suspensions, they absorb and dissipate energy from bumps and road irregularities for longer chassis life and a smooth, comfortable ride.


Michelin Tire


With an array of options, Michelin tires are made to suit the needs of each motorhome driver.

For specific tire information, take a look at Michelin RV Tires.