There are more than 8 million RV owners on the road—and experts say that’s just the beginning. FCCC launched the Oasis Service Network in 2000 as a team of high-performance dealers and service centers capable of delivering the highest level of service and amenities to the rapidly growing RV market.

Not all service centers will be eligible to be a part of this elite-level network. But if you’re already a member of the Freightliner service network and meet the basic requirements below, we want to talk to you.


We ask a lot of our service centers. After a thorough vetting process, we’ll visit your facility and put together a list of required and recommended facility and technology/software updates you’ll need to complete prior to becoming an Oasis Service Center.


These requirements must be met to become an Oasis service center, though some may be completed after you apply.

  • Up-to-date facility
  • Clean and tidy service area
  • Clean, complete uniforms for each member of your team
  • Dedicated waiting room for RV customers
  • RV parking with electrical hookups


The most successful Oasis Service Centers offer a long list of RV-centered services that are geared to make RV customers’ stays as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

  • Pet areas
  • Towing services
  • Dump stations
  • Rental or loaner vehicles
  • Shuttle service
  • Directions to local dining and entertainment
  • Discounts at local hotels or campgrounds (if work requires an overnight stay)
  • Partnership/cross-promotion with local RV sales dealerships


If you’re ready to become a priority stop for millions of potential customers who are looking for services you alone are equipped to provide, we’re ready to talk. Fill out the short form below and we’ll be in touch.