Introducing Thor’s new MEGA C coaches, creating a whole new buzz in class C motorhomes.

Coach Features

Front-end Cap

When you see it, you will know this is not the run-of-the-mill RV heading in your direction. The domed front cap looks futuristic with its aerodynamic design. An automotive windshield above the cockpit enhances visibility for passengers within the living area.

Larger Interior

The super-sized SkyBunk® windshield in the cab-over showers the seating areas of the living space with natural light. The theater seats are perfect for a relaxing evening watching TV or reading a book regardless of the layout.

Pass-through Basement Storage

Rotocast lined basement bays are lightweight and robust. The material is exceptionally durable for easy cleanup with soap and water. The basement configuration allows gear to be placed in the middle pass-through area while still allowing storage of items below.

Chassis Features


Cummins B6.7 delivers quiet, clean power and 800 lbs/ft torque at 1800 RPM, giving the Pasadena and Inception impressive towing capacity and high performance on even the steepest grades.


The ingenious, no-maintenance AirLiner® air ride suspension works in concert with custom-tuned Sachs® shocks to tame rough roads for complete comfort, mile after mile.


The S2RV’s large windshield and ergonomic dash design maximize driver line of sight and reduce blind spots. A premium noise abatement and insulation package keeps road noise at a minimum.

Auto-Drain Valves

All tanks are equipped with automatic drain valves with heaters to eliminate the need to manually pull drain cords, and prevent drain water from freezing.

Manual Dump Valve

A convenient manual dump valve for the rear suspension provides the freedom to dump “all, some, or none” of the air, for complete control when hitching or unhitching a trailer.

Premium Insulation

Premium insulation for thermal and noise protection on the interior of the coach.

Confidence Comes Standard.

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