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Gaffney, South Carolina and Red Bay, Alabama share more than a rich southern heritage and strong work ethic. They are the birthplace of Tiffins Phaeton IH and Freightliners XC-series chassis. For years, these two have built a following of loyal fans who demand the most from the RV experience. That RV experience has arrived.

Tiffins Phaeton 40 IH is now available on FCCCs new XCR Super Raised Rail chassis. This combination is built to deliver popular amenities and best-in-class storage, along with a stress-free automotive driving experience.

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Born to Build: The RV Experience You've Been Waiting For; XCR Super Raised Rail Chassis
Cummins B6.7 Engine

The XC chassis offers Cummins engine options capable of generating up to 450 HP and 1250 lbft torque, giving the Phaeton 40 IH the power
to handle challenging grades and greater towing capacity without sacrificing fuel economy.

V-Ride Rear Suspension System

Rated at 24,000 pounds, Freightliners V-Ride gives luxury RV owners the freedom to choose more luxury amenities and carry more cargo. It also provides superior roll stability, a smoother ride and more predictable handling in any driving conditions.


Roadwatch, equipped with the Mobileye Camera System,gives the driver confident control on any road, in any conditions. Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Collision Mitigation maintain superior handling. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Automatic Traction Control (ATC) make the longest journeys seem effortless.

60º Wheel Cut

ZF Independent Front Suspension (IFS) with 60 Wheel Cut means easier maneuverability, less backing up and a more confident driving experience.

DriveTech featuring OptiView

DriveTechs column-mounted controls put the driver completely in command. Engine and brake controls on the right column replace distracting touchpad operation, while the left column provides fingertip access to wiper, headlight and signal controls. With the addition of an ergonomically designed steering wheel, integrated OptiView LED instrument cluster and tire pressure monitoring, DriveTech creates a driver-friendly automotive experience.

With the tallest rail configuration in the industry, the XCR Super Raised Rail chassis delivers maximum basement storage and a flat coach floor from end to end.

The design of the XCR Super Raised Rail chassis works in tandem with the Phaeton 40 IH floorplan to create even more basement storage space and easy cargo access.

Oasis Service Network


Freightliners XC chassis is backed by more than 450 Freightliner-branded service locations, including Oasis Network dealers specifically designed to service RVs. The 24/7 Direct mobile app provides factory-direct concierge service, connecting RV owners with experienced factory service advisors, maintenance information and more for the life of the RV.

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