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FCCCs of Diesel vs. Gas




Diesel coaches deliver 50% more torque than gasoline for acceleration, hill climbing, towing strength and stronger overall performance — without working as hard
Diesel achieves maximum horsepower and torque at lower RPMs
Best-in-class fuel economy, less noise, less heat and overall less wear and tear on the engine

Standard Air Ride suspension on FCCC diesel offers comfort and protection of structure, plumbing, electronics & belongings vs. steel spring on gas coaches
Aftermarket products not required: Drivers of gas chassis will often spend thousands of dollars trying to improve the ride quality
One piece continuous straight frame rail vs. two piece construction formed at transmission

Increased fuel range means less time wasted at fuel stations
Less maintenance:

  • 15,000+ mi. oil change vs. 7,500 mi. with gas
  • 50% fewer engine parts with potential for maintenance and replacement!
  • Longer brake life