Freightliner Custom Chassis
Brake Sync

RV Tow Vehicle
Supplemental Braking System

Brake Sync Tow

BrakeSync is built on Freightliner Custom Chassis’ strategy of continuous innovation in safety systems.

Designed by our in-house engineering team, BrakeSync is the only factory-installed, factory-warranted supplemental braking system available on luxury RVs with FCCC chassis today. Available on select coaches starting in model year 2021.

Did you know?

Most states require any towable weighing over 3,000 pounds to have supplemental braking. And it’s no wonder—these systems have been proven to decrease coach and towable stopping distances by 20–50% compared to towing without supplemental braking. They also improve the ownership experience by increasing the life of motorhome brakes and reducing maintenance.

Brake Sync

Key Features

Not an off-the-shelf system—designed by FCCC for FCCC chassis

More automotive-style mounting and air connection with quick disconnect


Rear-mounted air coupler

  • Black color blends into the hitch area
  • Dust cap is provided to ensure the hookup stays clean when not in use

More preventative maintenance and safety features than other chassis-supplied systems

  • Easy-to-use moisture drain complies with FMVSS standards

Unique plumbing approach ensures air pressure is still provided to the supplemental brake system in the event of primary and/or secondary brake (air source) failure

BrakeSync - Low Air Warning

Easily visible low air warnings through direct connection to DriveTech via OptiView

The BrakeSync system is adaptable to most aftermarket tow vehicle hardware using air.