INTRODUCING DRIVETECH—the most advanced display and control system in the RV industry. DriveTech is the first RV driving system to prioritize safety by putting every command in one easy-to-reach location. The all-new ergonomic steering wheel and column-mounted controls are paired with OptiView’s all-digital gauge display to create a more automotive-like feel and set the industry standard for luxury RV driving. And it’s only from Freightliner Custom Chassis.


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OptiView® All-Digital Instrument Cluster

Designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz®, OptiView features a bright, anti-glare display and an easy-to-read interface with clear fonts, colors and menu structure.
  • Bluetooth mobile connectivity provides hands-free operation through easy-to-reach controls. If a warning occurs during a call, the warning takes priority over the contact’s profile photo in the top center.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System shows pressure of each tire and triggers alerts for low pressure, high pressure or leaks—even for tires on a trailer or tow vehicle. (optional)

OptiView Instrument Controls

Accesses an extensive menu of coach data, including trip 1 and 2, gauges, fuel economy, cruise control, tire pressure (optional) and diagnostics. The vehicle configuration menu includes Bluetooth status, dash brightness, key fob pairing (optional), steering effort selection (optional) and standard and metric unit selection.

Left Hand Column Controls

Commands all standard operations for safe driving, including windshield wipers, headlights and turn signals, consistent with an automotive experience.

Push-to-Start Button & Key Fob (optional)

Push-to-start functionality makes startup a breeze, and our advanced key fob includes two buttons for OEM-programmable actions beyond the standard lock and unlock functions.

RoadWatch (optional)

RoadWatch — FCCC’s state-of-the-art assisted driving and safety system — is designed to give drivers a new level of confidence in all conditions and maneuvers.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Maintains your set speed or automatically adjusts when a vehicle is detected ahead.
  • Other RoadWatch Features:
    • Collision Mitigation with Forward Warning & Active Braking
    • Roll Stability Control
    • Electronic Stability Control
    • Automatic Traction Control

Right Hand Column Controls

The transmission and engine brake are controlled using less distracting, easy-to-reach column controls versus traditional shifter pads.
  • Transmission – Easily transitions between Neutral, Drive and Reverse gears — with integrated automatic or manual gear selection. To manually shift, push down to get into manual mode – then pull up to cycle through each gear. When you reach 5th gear, another shift will return back to Auto Drive.
  • Driving Mode – While on the road, you can effortlessly toggle the transmission from performance to economy mode.
  • Engine Brake – Higher and lower settings can be selected by moving the paddle up or down.

OptiView Phone Controls, Cruise Controls & Headlights

Delivers hands-free phone operation with call display and phone battery life information in the OptiView dash. Also facilitates cruise control settings and high/low headlight beam selection.